Privacy Policy

The Aero Club of South Africa holds a database of member’s personal details. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our members; this policy sets how we will treat personal information.

By ticking the “Agree” block the member agrees to the recording and use of this information in accordance with this policy.
- To be a member of AeCSA it is mandatory to allow AeCSA to use personal data as detailed below and its staff and approved members.
- The Aero Club will only capture hold and/or utilize personal data of a member as is required for our day to day functioning.
This data is as follow (but not limited to);
- Full Name and Surname
- Address both postal and residential
- Identity number
- Age (obtained from Identity number)
- Birth date (obtained from identity number)
- Contact details (Telephone, cellular, fax number and e-mail address)
This may increase for certain sections as necessary.

The data is stored digitally in our BlueBox system; access to the data is limited to employees of Aero Club and BlueBox Suppport, section specific personnel approved by the section Chair, section secretaries approved as super users with rights limited to the relevant section.

No data is disseminated to any third party. CAA and RAASA on request may be entitled to the contact details only. Payment data is handled through VCS integration. E-mail and postal address is shared with our contracted bulk communications suppliers for e-newsletters, that are E-mailed and postage of the Annual Year book only and sms gateway providers through the appropriate APIs.

This policy allows AeCSA to ensure via the members Identification number that there is no duplication of members; it allows contact via E-mails, sms or telephone communications for Aviation purposes to further the aims of the Aero Club in line with our constitution and MOI and the AeCSA Credo.

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